KAMS Commemorative Daniel Street Bar Top Piece.

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Get a piece of history!  Own an authentic piece of KAMS Daniel Street bar top, the bar top was salvaged prior to demolition of the Daniel Street bar in 2019.  Each section of bartop measures around 11.5" wide x 4.25-5" tall, and sections of the bar varied in thickness between  2"and 3" thick.

KAMS logo has been CNC machined into each piece of the top by a local wood shop, These look great on a shelf, bar at home or on a desk. Each piece comes in a special commemorative KAMS bar top box.

All the pieces will vary in terms of degree of ititials/names carved into it. there may be holes in a few of the tops where hardware once was in the bar, etc.  You are truly getting a piece of the bar! 

We unfortunately cannot pull or search for specific carved names, all pieces will be shipped randomly.

There are very limited, we do expect them to completely sell out.